Kerala Padanam : Interview with Dr.K.P Aravindan

In 2007, Kerala Sasthra Sahitya Parishad conducted a survey of the living conditions in Kerala.The survey was titled 'Kerala Padanam'-'Keralam engane jeevikkunnu Keralam Engane Chinthikkunnu', translated as 'Kerala Study - How does Kerala Live ? How does Kerala think?'.The survey covered about 6000 households in the state where the activists spent hours with the family to understand their lifestyle and thoughts.The findings are very interesting.The population of Kerala has been divided into four classes or groups.Around 40% of the people are very poor and only a minority of about 10% people belonging to the upper middle class control the state of affairs.More and more people are moving towards the extreme poverty and the rich minority are expanding their wealth. In 2017, KSSP is planning to conduct the second edition of Kerala Padanam. Dr.K.P Aravindan, former state president of KSSP explains the various facets of Kerala Padanam.


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